Uruguay is located in South America, between the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.

Its 3.25 million inhabitants hold a literacy rate of 98%.  Uruguay boasts high levels of security and health indexes as well as access to drinkable water, thus offering one of the highest standards of living in the continent.

Its people have great respect for institutions, freedom and democracy.

Uruguay achieved the largest digital coverage with its Plan Ceibal, programme that gives one laptop to each children and teachers from public schools in the whole country, and promotes equality to information access and internet for everyone.

These principles, the path travelled, and an unwavering attitude to service are the reasons that drive Uruguay to pursue greater responsibilities through its candidature for a non-permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council for the 2016 -2017 period.

Uruguay is a country with a vocation for peace and a commitment to humanity.